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Let’s face it: buying a new printer can be confusing. Different printers serve different needs and fit different budgets.

We decided to go all-out and pit the two main methods of printing against each other. Two will enter the PrintDome... But only one will emerge victorious!

In This Corner... Laser Printers!

young male white boxer hoodieLaser printers are “electrostatic,” meaning they use a laser beam to projects text and/or images onto a page. An internal rotating drum attracts toner particles to the page, which are then fused into place with heat. Laser printers require laser toner cartridges, which are very fast and produce very high quality images.

Pros: The cartridges of laser printers last much longer on average than inkjet printers, costing less over time. If you need something that can consistently print sharp images, a laser printer can definitely get the job done!

Cons: The cost of a laser printer can be much more than an inkjet printer (though not always!), and new cartridges may run more expensive than inkjet cartridges.

Opposite Laser Printers... Inkjets!
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(Image via Artflakes, courtesy of Lonely Planet Images)

There are two different inkjet technologies: the first is continuous inkjet printing, which involves the printer using a high-pressure pump that continuously drives ink through a tiny nozzle. The other option is drop-on-demand, where the printer sends electricity through an ink cartridge, heating up the ink and forming a bubble that is dabbed onto the paper.

Since their invention in the mid-70s, inkjets have risen to be the most popular printing technology. They’re also much more versatile than laser printers, taking the form of small inexpensive units all the way up to industrial-sized!

Pros: On average, inkjet printers are much less expensive than their laser-utilizing opponent. They’re frequently a favorite of college students for their lightweight, portable design.

Cons: Inkjet printers go through ink much faster than a laser printer, which leads to higher costs over time if you are a frequent printer user.

And the winning printer is...

boxing ring draw Australia funny
(Image via PerthNow)

Both! The printer you use depends on your own personal needs. If you need an inexpensive printer that will get any quick job done, an inkjet printer may be perfect for you. But if you need something more heavy-duty that can handle larger jobs, a laser printer will be a better bet. Guess that means this match is a draw!

Do you have a favorite type of printer? What was the last kind you purchased? Tell us about it in the comments!

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