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When your inkjet cartridge runs dry your first instinct is to purchase a new cartridge. However there is another way to restock your printers ink supply. Consumers can also opt for an inkjet refill kit and replace the ink in the used cartridge on their own.

Using Inkjet Refill Kits

Using an inkjet refill kit is easier than you think. Basically all you do is siphon the ink from the kit and pump it into your used cartridge. When it is all said and done using a refill kit cuts your cost in half. Purchasing and using a refill kit cost half the amount of a brand new cartridge. The printer warranty remains intact and does not become invalid if you otpt to use an ink refill kit, as per the trade laws.

When you purchase your Ink refill kit  it will contain everything you need to complete the refill process.  The kit includes ink bottles, syringes, and air balance clips that are necessary to even out the air trapped inside the cartridge so that there will be no obstruction in the flow of ink from the head of the cartridge at the time of printing. The kit also includes detailed instructions and illustrations that clearly explain what you need to do.
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It is recommended that you should replace your cartridge with a new cartridge after 10 refills. When you discard the cartridge make sure you choose to recycle the old one. The frequency of refilling depends on the extent of usage of the cartridge and the type of paper used. Repeated refilling wears out the cartridge and makes it unusable after some time.

Precautions While Using the Inkjet Refill Kit

  • Before using the inkjet refill kit, read the instructions carefully to prevent damage to  the cartridge and printer.
  • Do not mix colors. Use a different injector for each color.
  • Double check that the refill kit is compatible with your cartridge. Using incompatible ink can cause a clog in the print head. Also if the the ink is of poor quality it can splash around within the printer causing a mess.

There are different types of ink refill kits available in the market. It is best to buy self-contained units this will insure that you don’t come in contact the sensitive parts of the ink cartridge. This will also eliminate the chance of spilling ink during the refill process. Make sure you purchase your kit from a reliable source. Kits of low quality will produce the same quality of printing. We can’t stress enough to purchase a kit that is compatible with your printer. This will protect your printer but will also guarantee a high quality print job. 

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