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If your current printer has stopped functioning properly and is causing you frustration then it is time to invest in a new one. While it might seem easier just to toss the old printer out for garbage collection, there are better options. At CompandSave we encourage recycling. We have shared numerous articles about how to recycle your ink cartridges but did you know you can also recycle your printer? Recycling your old printer allows the remaining working parts to be re used to create working printers. It is also keeps potentially hazardous electronic parts out of landfills.

Before buying your new printer research the buyback and trade in offers available through the manufacturer of your current printer. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard offer great trade in options for working and nonworking printers. Even if you are not looking to trade in your printer the manufacturer might offer a buy back option or at the very least take the printer off of your hands and recycle it for you.

Another recycling option would be to check with your local electronics retailer. Stores such as Staples, Office Max and Best Buy to name a few of the larger retailers, offer to recycle your old electronics including printers. In exchange they often will offer store credit or gift cards in exchange for gently used electronics. Some stores may charge a recycling fee if the printer is too old or the parts are to damage to be recycled. If this is the case the store will make sure that your printer is disposed of properly and does not become a hazard to others.

If your printer is still in pretty good shape you could also consider donating it to a local charity. This option allows working printers to still be put to good use and keeps your printer out of a landfill. Don’t forget because it is a donation it is also tax deductible.

No matter which recycling option you choose for your old printer, it is important to realize that just chucking your printer in the trash is not a wise choice. If you would like more information on printer recycling programs we would be happy to provide you with information or point you in the right direction.

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