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Regular customers know this about us –we take our customers seriously and we take our corporate social responsibility just as serious. If you’ve made an ink purchase this month, you probably know about our commitment to raise money for the American Heart Associationwe are donating $ 1 from each order placed this February to the cause.

Heart Health

Every Ink you purchase will heal Heart Diseases Nationwide

So for every ink purchase at CompAndSave.com this month, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping to make a big difference in your own small way.

Don’t forget your Free T-shirt

We’ve set the target of raising at least $10,000 by the end of February, so we can contribute a substantial amount of money to the American Heart Association. To encourage our customers to help us in making this contribution, we are also offering a free T-shirt with each order above $50 – this is our little way of saying “Thank You”; and hopefully a way to spread awareness as well.

Check live donation-meter

We are delighted at the amount we have raised so far from your purchases as well as donations made via social media. You can check out our Support Page for the Donation Meter to see, in real time, how much we’ve risen so far.  We have to thank all of our customers for this, from the bottom of our hearts!

Show your support before February Ends!

We still have a few thousands to go in order for us to reach our goal. The great news is that there is still time to help us get up to that $10,000 mark in support the American Heart Association’s quest to put an end to heart disease in America. Help us spread the word and support our cause in healing America’s broken heart.

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