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Memorial Day is just around the corner folks, and we will be honoring our men and women in uniform via our unique endeavor in support of the Fisher House Foundation. If you haven’t already taken the pledge, do so now on our Support Page. You can help support our cause too – click on our Order Page to place an order and to contribute. Read on to know what we are doing this Memorial Day and how you can help:

What we’re doing this Memorial Day

Donating to the Fisher House Foundation

We recognize the sacrifices that our soldiers are making for us all of the time and we want to help in a twofold manner. We want to create awareness about what our heroes are doing and also want to make a contribution.

Via the Memorial Day Campaign, starting this 12th of May, we are donating 5% of every ink & toner transaction to the Fisher House Foundation with coupon code “MDAY5” in an effort to help support military families all over the U.S. We will be doing this all though till the end of May. You can support our cause by placing as many orders you need, so that 5% of the sales proceeds go to a worthy cause.

Our Partner – The Fisher House Foundation

This is a well known organization that is devoted to offering support to the families of our soldiers in several different ways. Here are some facts and figures that demonstrate how the Fisher House Foundation has been making a real difference to so many military families:
  • The foundation has helped save up to $35 million in boarding and lodging as well as transport
  • The organization is equipped with a daily lodging capacity for 832 families
  • Whereas the average length of stay is 10 days, the average for combat casualties is 45- 60 days
  • Over two hundred thousand families have received help from the foundation since its inception
  • The number of lodging days offered has crossed 5.2 million
  • Under the various scholarship programs of the foundation, 7,000 students have received about $11,000,000 by way of scholarship awards (military spouses as well as kids)
  • The Hero Miles program is another unique venture that has provided over 45,000 airline tickets to service members and their families; of value close to $60 million
  • Hotels for Heroes, Newman’s Own Awards are other programs initiated by the foundation
So this Memorial Day join us in our “I Pledge Never to Forget” campaign in honor of Memorial Day. Follow our Facebook page to get updates and more information.