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Ink Fridays CompAndSave.com

What are Ink Fridays™?

Good question! Ink Fridays™ are our weekly celebrations for being one of the market leaders in supplying compatible printer cartridges. We’re so proud of our high customer satisfaction rate, we want to give you even more deals to satisfy your cravings for savings…So every Friday, make shopping at CompAndSave.com another TGIF moment!

What's the catch?

None! The only crucial catch here is to make sure you take advantage of this great offer. Just order the featured product on this page and use the give coupon code at checkout. That’s it! The offer cannot be combined with any other coupon, and it’s only valid on the date specified. Considering the high order volume we receive on Fridays, we want to be fair to all our customers and put a limit of one of these highly discounted items per customer order.

How do I get updates about Ink Fridays™?

You can remind yourself to visit this page every Friday, or sign up to our Ink Fridays™ email list to be notified of these offers every Friday at 10:00 AM (PST). So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!