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We know it can be a little tough on your kids, but like everything else, all good things come to an end. They’ve had a glorious few months of enjoying the summer, playing, taking holidays and trips, spending time doing things they enjoy, following no schedules, with no studies to do or classes to attend. Restoring the mindset to waking up early, following timetables, getting into a regular study schedule and home work every day can be tough – for kids as well as parents. Here are some tips to help smooth the process:

Get kids involved in back to school shopping

This will serve a dual purpose! Not only will a child get into the right frame of mind to go back to school, he or she will also feel a spark of excitement about using new school books, clothes, stationery and other back to school items. You can let your child participate in the decisions and choices when you make all those purchases.

Get back on schedule

Don’t wait till the day before school starts to restore school schedules. Do this a few days in advance. Start enforcing bedtimes and wake up times. Ensure that meals are served at the times they would be served in school, and revert to other school night rules about the amount of TV viewing permitted, video game allowances, no late nights, and so on. This will help your child ease into the school mindset.

Wean them off technology

Gradually lessen the amount of TV time permitted, and limit or taper off the amount of time spent playing videos games. Consider putting away the gaming console, joy stick, tablet or whichever electronic device your child seems to spend too much time on for a while. But be careful you do this in a way that doesn’t spark a revolt. Help your child reconnect with school friends – this will help them recall the good times that he or she has enjoyed in school and will help divert their attention from those pesky electronics. In fact have a back to school party!

Have a party

Have a party and let your child get the idea that going back to school is something to celebrate and enjoy. Involve a few close friends, particularly children who have been close to him or her in school this past year. Consider having a little theme for the party and just ensure that everyone is having a good time.  This will draw your their attention to the more positive aspects of school and help him or her recall some of the good times they had in school.

Start studying in small installments

It may also be a good idea to start with a few lessons at home – introduce your child to new concepts and subjects in an informal, familiar and non-threatening home setting. Get them interested in their school’s course material so that they feel less trepidation about starting studies afresh. It will also give their confidence a boost if they are a little familiar with their study books when the teachers start giving lectures on them.

Set goals

Talk about the coming academic year and find out what your child is apprehensive about. Offer reassurance and bolster their belief in their abilities. Also, speak about goals for the coming school year such as study schedules, grades and offer the promise of rewards when those goals are achieved over the coming year.
Help your child ease into their school routine with the help of these tips – it’ll make things easier for them and you! And if you’d like to save more on back to school essential like ink & toner please subscribe to our nailing list and  like us on Facebook, to find attractive offers and useful information.