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diy valentine photo frameWho says your photos belong inside boring old picture frames or up on a fridge hanging precariously by a magnet? There is so much you can do with your photos now! Just a cursory look at some of the DIY photo frame ideas on Pinterest will give you wonderful ideas ranging from simple ones to some that require wee bit extra effort. What they all have in common is that they are: interesting, innovative and fun ways to display your most precious visuals, that recall to mind some of the most memorable and significant moments or people in your life.

This can be a great idea for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for someone special, or a unique wall art to hang in your home. For an extra touch, you can get your photos printed professionally or may also print them at your home using photo paper and low cost ink or toner cartridges. The second option is a far cheaper one, because this lets you edit them to your preference, lets you opt for the size and shape that you want; even letting you create collages of your choice. In either case here are some DIY photo frame ideas you can use:

Roundup of 6 Pinterest DIY Photo Frame Ideas

1. Popsicle Stick Photo Frames – Now this one may sound a little like a school kid’s craft project but it is simple and fun; and you can be as creative as you want. A simple square, a bigger rectangular frame or a flat surface created from candy sticks that resemble a picket fence. You can decorate these with colors of your choice. You can put them up on the mantle, coffee table or night stand; you can even string up several of these along a wall, vertically or horizontally as required. (From: Eighteen24)

diy photo frame

2. The Clipboard Photo Frame – This can be a regular photo frame (or even a candy stick one described above) but it has a little clip attached to it: this saves you the hassle of inserting photos into a frame. You simply clip it on and take it off. You will be encouraged to rotate your images faster because this is so much simpler than a regular frame.  (From Shanty-2-Chic)

3. The Cycle Wheel Frame – This funky, cool idea is currently very popular: you use the discarded frame of a bicycle wheel; just the frame and spokes, without the tire or the tube. Tack (use paste or simply use clips if you mean to keep replacing the pictures) on photos at random or photos that follow a particular theme. Makes for great wall art; personal art that tells a story! (From VictoriousLivin)

4. Photo Plate Frames– They can be plain paper, ceramic plates, square plates etc -take your pick. For paper plates, simply cut out the center along the inner circle to leave the frilled looking edge and paste the photos over the back of the plate so that the image is framed by the disposable plate. For ceramic plates, you'll need to print your photograph on a decal and then paste it on. (From TonyaStaab)

diy photo plates
5. The Photos Bookmark – OK, so this one is not a DIY photo frame idea but is so simple and so cute, that we couldn’t help buy include this here. take a picture printout on photo paper or stiff card and cut it in the shape of a book mark or cut it along the lines of the image (your toddler with is most adorable expression, a memory from a memorable vacation…. Anything really! Sure to make you smile each time you pick up or put away the book you’ve been reading. (From MoritzFineBlogDesigns)

6.The Photo Collage – Use a large poster and glue or just a soft board with a few pins. Take a bunch of your best pictures, big and small, and create an interesting collage. (From BitsofEverything)

diy photo collage

We’re hoping that you liked our DIY picture frame ideas and would love to hear about any of your own that you’d like to share. Don’t forget to check the great deals Photo Paper and bulk ink or refill ink deals we have for you. Because if you did like our ideas above, we’d like to offer you some economical options to put them into practice! To know more about our offers, subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook.