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Easter is a time for celebration and a time for family bonding.  Playing, laughing, enjoying and appreciating the gift that family and close friends are -is there a way better way to spend some quality time with kids or grand-kids? You probably have some lovely memories from your own childhood Easter Sundays, and you'd probably like to create the same fun and meaningful memories for your family or your friends. We've rounded up some fun and simple Easter Sunday ideas and games that everyone can enjoy:

Easter Egg Hunt

This classic Easter activity can involve everyone, regardless of age! It may be a good idea to organize the hunt out of doors to avoid littering your entire home with candy wrappers, confetti, and shoe skid-marks among other things. Plus, if the weather's nice, why not have it outside? If you're stuck on what should be the prizes, you could always have one big Easter basket as the main prize with several smaller treats hidden elsewhere. A good tip we picked up from a fellow co-worker is to create a boundary where all the Easter eggs are hidden (so that the kids don’t step out of the area).

easter egg hunt
From Cyndy Simms Parr on Flickr
 If kids are fairly young, ensure that the eggs have child friendly treats inside and are hidden within easy reach. If the hunt is for your adult friends and family, you can make it a little more interesting and put them in harder to find hiding places, a larger search area (to be sure, make your own list of hiding places for ready reference) and include more adult appropriate treats.

Simple Easter Games for Kids

The egg-on-a-spoon race is a variation of the lemon-and-spoon race. This is where you have the kids balance an egg on a tablespoon placed between the teeth and then....ready, get set, go! Here's a great tip: use treat filled eggs, so it doesn’t matter who comes first and every child's a winner! You can always have a different egg-and-spoon relay-race, where an adult starts the race and hands over to a child to complete the race. This way the whole family is involved!

kid easter games
Image From BeAFunMum
The jellybean toss is a simple game that needs a cup and some jellybeans or any other treat you can think of. Each team can have one adult and one or more kids and takes turns to toss as many jellybeans as possible into the cup within a minute or any set time. Decide the difficulty level (distance between the cup and the beans) according to the child's age.

To make it more fun, have one of the team members hold the cup on their head while the other team member lobs the beans in (with hilarious results when the jellybeans travel down a collar or a neckline!). Have a prize for the team that got the most jellybeans into a cup or announce that each team gets to keep the jellybeans they managed to get into the cup, as the prize!

Pin the nose on the bunny is another easy game that kids and adults can play. Print out a large Easter bunny face and place it on a wall. Have each blindfolded person draw a nose where they think the nose should be. Kids can tie the blindfold on the adults and spin them around a little to disorient them!
fun easter games
Image From AlannaGeorge

Easy Easter Crafts and Printables

Adults can join in this one or can take some time off while you get the kids involved in this activity: Print out separate features of the Easter bunny (several of each) using your home printer – eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and of course some big old ears! Everyone gets a paper plate to create their own bunny using all the printed features and crayons or markers to make the whiskers and so on. A prize for the one who completes their bunny first! And a bonus for the one who creates the cutest bunny!

You can simply print out some Easter pictures and themed coloring sheets from sites such as Coloring.ws or Crayola.com (simply click on the image of your choice and hit print) and hand these to the kids along with some coloring materials. The kids will get coloring and the adults can enjoy some quite time!

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We would love to hear about Easter game ideas that you may have. Do kick off a discussion in the comments below of chat with us via our Facebook and Twitter pages.