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glossy photo paper
It's almost Friday everyone! We know it's early, but we'd like to share this  crowd pleasing deal for this week's Ink Fridays™ that is quite a steal. Here it is, to make a perfect match for your photo printing needs: 87% Off Premium 4”x6” Glossy Photo Paper (100 Sheets). That means you guys can get each sheet for less than $0.01 for a total price of $1.99. If you check out some other deals online, the average price for this 100 sheet pack is $14.95- you'll be saving $12.96.

So from Mother’s Day photo cards to just everyday photo printing, we want to let you know these prints will last. We've actually specially treated all our photo papers with resin to make them water-resistant and long-lasting.

We know a picture is worth a thousand words, but you don't have to pay more than a pretty penny for each sheet on April 11th if you check out the deal here. Offer ends at midnight (PST)!
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Our Glossy Photo Paper 

If you're thinking of printing photos from a special occasion like weddings or just want to add a professional touch, glossy photo paper is the way to go.  The shiny, reflective surface gives a high-contrast appearance for vivid, rich photographs.
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This week's deal features 4"x6" glossy photo papers, but we also have photo papers in different sizes and finishes like matte and even canvas. You may view our photo papers if you'd like here, or click the image above.

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Ink Fridays™ deals was created as a way of appreciation for our loyal customers who choose us as their ink and toner provider. Every week on Friday, we share a special product deal from printer cartridges (sometimes in combo packs like this week's) to photo paper (we have a variety, from glossy to canvas). If you want to stay in the loop with each week's offering, sign up to our mailing list - and no, we won't bug you with a ton of emails.

Don't forget, a hundred sheets of $1.99 4"x6" glossy photo paper can be yours until April 11th until 11:59 PM (PST).