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back to school printables
A new school year can be exciting! At the same time, it can be challenging and a little intimidating for both students and teachers.  One of the ways to ease the back to school process is with good organization and a well-thought out plan. Here are some printable ideas that will help students and teachers for a stress free school year!

Must-Have Printables for Students 

From timesheet tables to healthy lunch recipes, here are some ideas on helpful printables.
Book Labels & More

Customize book labels with a cartoon character of choice (or even kid’s own photo)! You could also print out labels for book shelves, boxes, toy crates, wardrobes, etc.. This encourages kids to put away stuff in a more organized manner and find it more easily when required.   
From Modern Parents, Messy Kids
Schedules, lists and timetables
Print out things from class timetables to sports tryouts! Another good idea is to make a list of chores and test schedules. No more excuses for not studying!
Graphs, Formulas, Maps, Pie Charts, etc.
For older kids it can help to set out math formulas, scientific terms, graphs, distributions, maps and so on.
Printable Coloring Pages
These are as much for keeping younger kids entertained as they are for letting them practice coloring within the lines!
Toddlers and preschoolers are known to respond really well to flashcards; particularly when it comes to learning numbers and letters and short words. Customize these with picture or objects that kids relate to and print your own.
Back to School Recipes
Healthy eats for school are a good idea. Collecting and printing these out for ready reference ensures a varied and interesting array of meals for students.
  1. 24 Lunch Ideas for School 
  2. Sandwich-less Lunch Ideas for Kids  
  3. 20+ Amazing & Healthy School Lunches 
Pinterest has some useful back to school printables for students that you may want to check out.

Must Have Printables for Teachers

Teachers, we didn't forget about you! Here are some great printables that will help keep you on top of things!

Labels for Books, Shelves, Files 
This can help teachers remain more organized in class and outside it. Labels and contents lists for binders and files can also be very useful for teachers.
Printable Calendars/Planners/To Do lists/ Schedules
joy theme printables
From Sutton Place
Obviously teachers can also benefit from planning out the year ahead in terms of lesson plans, deadlines for various tasks, exam schedules and so on. Teachers could also print out graphs, formulas, chemistry charts, and pie charts and so on, putting these up and replacing them as and when required.
Inspirational Quotes, Images, Some Do's and Don’ts 
Who doesn't love motivational quotes? These images of of inspiring words, or great role models, will
liven up your classroom. Not only will they inspire kids, they make a classroom look more attractive and interesting. It may also be a good idea to list a few dos and don’ts to help maintain order in the class.
Check out some more back to school printables and ideas for teachers.

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We hope these printables will help your school year start off right! While, we are on the subject, who was one of your favorite teachers?