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Easy Ways to Recycle Printer Cartridges for Adults
Regular readers will have read about our ongoing Food for the Poor program (FFTP); our way of recycling and turning your empty ink and toner cartridges  into a full stomach! To recap, we at CompAndSave are collecting empty ink and toner cartridges by asking that you mail cartridge donations to our headquarters in Newark, California which are then sent on to GreenHippo.com, an e-waste recycling company located in LA, CA. 100% of the proceeds received from GreenHippo.com are pledged to the Food for the Poor Non-Profit Organization which helps feed the hungry and house the homeless. You can also visit our dedicated Champions Page for direct donations.

Why and How You Can Help

We all know that e-waste is a serious problem and that we need to do all we can to minimize the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills (because in spite of estimates and postulations, no one really knows how long it takes for plastics to biodegrade). If you're already carrying your own reusable bag to the store each time you go grocery shopping good for you! Here are simple life hacks on how to recycle and make a difference:

  1. Recycle newspapers; use them as creative gift wrap
  2. Use both sides of paper for printing; don’t print unless necessary
  3. Replace regular bulbs with LEDs
  4. Ditch bottled water; carry your own flask (or coffee cup)
  5. Take a shorter shower; or (more fun) share a shower!
  6. Reuse. It makes economic and environmental sense to use pre-owned item
  7. Plant a tree
  8. Tune your car engine and learn to drive fuel efficiently
  9. Adjust your thermostat; switch off appliances when not in use
  10. Cycle or walk, telecommute, use an electric vehicle – reduce use of gas
  11. Pay bills online, make payments online instead of issuing checks, ask for e-statements
  12. Buy local, seasonal produce that isn’t carted over long distances or artificially ripened
Another way to recycle is of course, responsibly disposing of your used ink and toner cartridges. So next time, instead of tossing those empty cases into the trash, toss them into an envelope and send them to us and we’ll do the rest – we will ensure that they are disposed of responsibly and also that a hungry kid somewhere is fed – it really is that simple. And you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done your bit to reduce pollution and feed the hungry in one fell swoop!

How to Get More People Involved in Recycling

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Image from: industrialrecyclersms.com
Now that you’ve decided to ensure that no more of your used cartridges end up in landfills, wouldn’t you like to get more people on board? Here are some tips to popularize our printer cartridge reycling program with others:
  • Gather your colleagues together on your lunch break and briefly talk about recycling ink and toner cartridges. Invite your office mates to mail us their used cartridges or create a collective where used office cartridges and those of others can be mailed to us all together.
  • At your next Tupperware party, take a minute to highlight the benefits of our recycling program that helps out the Food For the Poor Non-Profit
  • The next time you get friends together for a barbecue, mention the ease with which you can all help reduce e-waste to get more people on board
  • When your book club meets next, make a mention of this as well 
  • Make a mention of this cause in a Whatapp group that you may be a part of
Start by mentioned the life hacks mentioned above and go on to speak about our recycling program. Perhaps you could print out our Champions for the Poor page to hand around so that the idea stays with your friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Or you could do the really environment friendly thing and email them our Printer Cartridge Recycling Program Page  even perhaps forward it to them via Whatsapp. You could share our recycling page via your Facebook or Twitter pages. The more the word gets around, the better the response will be.

We are happy to receive as many cartridges as possible from you and we are happy to do the recycling for you. Help us in reaching our 10,000 cartridge goal by shipping all your used cartridges to us at –

Attn: Cartridge Donations
38929 Cherry St.
Newark, CA 94560