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It is that fun and exciting time of year again when you either go trick or treatin’ or prepare to host a bunch of trick or treaters who will shortly be knocking on your door. If you're planning a Halloween party of some sort or just want to get your home all decked up for the holiday then we have ideas and products that are sure to delight you. Plus there is special October coupon for you in there

DIY Halloween Decorations And Ideas

You can print out scary posters and images to put up on walls and in the bathroom and so on! Print out darkly looming silhouettes of an evil grinning cat, a scary ghost, a fanged vampire, bats or witchy talons. To this you could add suitable text: ‘Beware! They are Coming’ or ‘Frankenstein Needs a New Brain’, etc. Or even this one: ‘WANTED! DEAD OR ALIVE ‘(with a picture of the host or a guest).

You could create custom Halloween themed t shirts for yourself and for your guests to really get into the ‘spirit’ of things! Similar spooky themes and text as the posters can be used for these as well. If you're having a party this could be a special give away!

You can also create other Halloween themed printables: masks, place cards, table décor, banners, flags, or streamers. Halloween chalkboard printables, tree décor and favor boxes are some more items you may want to DIY. Get some great ideas from this Free Halloween Printables page on Pinterest: cutouts, posters, wall décor, tags, candle wrappers, treat boxes and more.

And how about some of these décor ideas:
  • Use discarded toilet rolls, cut out scary eye shapes and in insert lights.
  • Spider or bat cutouts hanging down from the ceiling in unexpected places.
  • A garland or banner of little ghostie cutouts.
  • Cutouts to make your front door look like Frankenstein’s head. 

DIY Halloween party ideas

It may be a great idea to organize a Halloween themed kids party for your kids or grandkids or even for the neighborhood kids. Even if you're planning a dinner party for adults, here are some ideas that could come in handy:
  • Customized pintable cards and Halloween invites.
  • DIY paper napkins with scary, spooky images.
  • Custom menus with regular items suitably amended to reflect the scary theme (call it bloody entrails instead of spaghetti; put scary googly eyes in the salad and so on).
  • Halloween themed straw toppers, cupcake toppers or coasters.
  • Scary/ witchy party hats.

Get plenty more cheap invitation templates and Halloween party ideas on Pinterest.

Check Out Our Special New Product Ranges For Your DIY Projects

Now that we’ve given you some DIY ideas for your next adult or kids’ party, we have some terrific new products that will help you bring these ideas to life. We are excited to tell you about some of these new products:
  • Printable Fabric to print fine art, create authentic looking canvas prints and other images.
  • Printable Magnet Sheets for pictures, personalized fridge magnets, bumper stickers, magnetic signs, business cards and more.
  • Textured Photo Paper for photos, posters, invites and party giveaways.
  • Transfer Paper to create your own spooky, funny t shirts, aprons and more using these iron on heat transfer papers.
  • Canvas Photo Paper for that textured canvas look. The scratch proof, resin coated paper is water resistant and long lasting.
And to really make your party memorable, you may want to take pictures of all your guests, print them out and hand out some as they make their way home…a lovely keepsake from the host!

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