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new gadget for 2017
The next iPhone may be one of the most anticipated new gadgets of 2017, but there are some other interesting new gadgets besides the iPhone 8 that will (most likely) be ready for release this year. We’ll take you through the top five most noteworthy gadgets for 2017. 

1. Nintendo Switch

Gamers, make a note: Nintendo is scheduled to launch its new gaming console Switch in March. This game console is a portable system and will work on your tv so you can play on the go and at home. Check out Nintendo’s presentation on January 12 for more details.

2. Android Wear 2.0/Google Pixel Watch

Google has been going toe-to-toe with Apple in the smartwatch category with its Android Wear watch platform available from Fossil and other manufacturers. Along with a software update to the existing watches, Google is rumored to be rolling out two of its own watches in Q2. The “Angelfish” is the larger of the two with a bigger display compared to “Swordfish.”

3. Windows-Based VR

The free Windows 10 Creators Update will allow you to use a roughly $300 virtual reality (VR) headset with your computer. You’ll be able to purchase the headsets from Dell, Asus, Lenovo, or HP. These headsets are technically classified as mixed reality (MR), which means you can “create and manipulate holographic objects within a real-world environment.” So virtual objects will integrate with the real world around you.

4. Anti-Pollution Scarf

This ingenious scarf from French startup Wair incorporates a filtration mask that protects you from toxins in the air. In addition, just download the free app and you’ll get notifications about your current ambient air quality. The scarves are machine washable, but you will have to change the filter every 2 to 4 weeks. Read more about this helpful product here.

5. Andromeda OS/Google Laptop

While there isn’t a definitive release date for Google’s revamped operating system (OS) and laptop, speculation points to later this year in Q3. The Andromeda OS combines Chrome and Android, which the new laptop (known as Pixel 3) will showcase. “Pixel 3” would represent the best of both worlds in terms of the power of a traditional laptop and the mobility of a tablet.

What new gadget are you most excited about? Let us know below or on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re looking for even more interesting (and sometimes wacky) new gadgets for 2017, explore the products that were featured at CES 2017, a recent conference held by the Consumer Technology Association.


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