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Did you know that you can print stickers at home with a regular printer? All you need is sticker printer paper and the possibilities are endless.

You don’t even have to be an artist. You can even get free printables online for every lifehack that you need to get more organized and doing things with style!

Custom Decor Vinyl Stickers

Lunch box with stickers by Lenore Edman of Flickr.

Stickers are a form of self-expression. With stickers you can spruce up cheap but plain items in your own style. 

You can have fun with an art software to make your own custom stickers or download free printables online. After that, all you need is your printer and some printable sticker papers.

You can then print them on glossy sticker paper to make them shiny. Or matte sticker paper for a natural look. If you want your stickers to look like they were printed on the surface, clear sticker printer paper is for you. 

After your printer is done, you can cut them out, peel them off and beautify your belongings. 

You can make your kid’s lunch boxes stand out. You can print borders for your flasks and books. You can decorate your laptop and phone with clear stickers for that “painted” look. 

Vinyl stickers are a great way for kids to design their stuff. Unlike paper stickers, they leave the surface clean and unmarked with no remaining adhesives or torn parts.  Vinyl stickers are made from printable sticker papers that comes in matte or glossy.

Free Sticker for Good Behavior

Reward Flower Stickers by public domain pictures.

If you’re a teacher or a parent, free stickers are good motivators for kids in finishing their homework, chores and school activities. 

To make it more fun, a gold star can be given for excelling in class. A smiley face can be given for completing a chore every day without being told to (although giving them sticky notes so that they could remember would be very helpful). No doubt, there is something satisfying in seeing a line of smileys throughout five days a week in a calendar. 

Paper stickers would do for this occasion if they’re just going to be applied on skin or paper. They’re cheap but may tear and leave sticker bits if applied on walls and doors. 

With a quick sticker printing at home, you can teach kids that work could be rewarding.

Home Decor Custom Stickers

Wall decor decal stickers for home decoations by Simon Mason of Flickr.

Clear wall decals give a minimalistic but eye-catching look that you can replace every other month to give your rooms a fresh design. You can even print small multiple stickers and place them in patterns on the wall for a wallpaper look. 

Vinyl decals give you versatility when it comes to decorating for occasions. Christmas is coming? Print snowflake patterns on a sticker page, cut them and apply them on walls for a snowfall effect. 

If you’re an artist, this is a perfect challenge to show your style inside your home with custom vinyl decals.

Food Label Vinyl Stickers

A closeup of Pelikan jar label stickers by katrina.alana of Flickr

Do you cook enough to feed an army? Or you just have a food hobby? Jam-making, cheese-making, baking -you need to get organized or someone’s going to make a meal out of your Book Club Brownies. 

Matte sticker paper is the best one for this one for it’s the most easy to write on. You can just cut the paper, scribble on it, peel and apply. 

If you’re thinking of making a food side business, labeling is an important detail in the package. Besides a tasteful brand print of your own, you’ll also need sticker printing to include expiration date labels. 

Make Organizers Through Sticker Printer Paper

Free School-Themed Planner stickers by Carol of Flickr.

There are many planner sticker printables online. Most are bright and colorful for a fun, energizing effect. They come in little icons, bullet lists and weekly checklists. They are also color-coordinated so that you can see what your priorities are at a glance. 

Stickers are a great motivator in getting you hyped up for your tasks when you plan your weekly and monthly goals. 

Custom Stickers for Themed Parties

Birthday wall stickers of bows and mustache by Pixabay from Pexels.

Stickers are a quick and colorful way to make your party theme pop! You can save money on party supplies and still put flair when you print stickers at home.

  • Party hats, spoons, forks, and cups can be bought plain and then be decorated with cupcake stickers, sundae stickers and cake stickers for birthday parties. 
  • Wall decals of marriage quotes on calligraphy can set a graceful and meaningful mood in bridal showers. 
  • Wedding invitations can be enclosed in an envelope with a sticker of two linked hearts. 
  • Cute baby pictures of your special baby celebrating their 1st birthday can be printed on photo sticker papers and pasted on magnet papers for refrigerator magnet giveaways. Photo sticker papers come in glossy and matte. 
Printing on glossy sticker papers can make your stickers shiny and add elegance to surfaces that are applied on. But if your sticker has words, it can be hard to read on glossy paper because of the glare. 

Political Stand Car Decals

Earth Day - Green Your Commute by USEPA Environmental-Protection-Agency from Flickr.

One way to change the world is to show support to a campaign that you believe in and spread it to others. Sticker printing slogans or printable icons of your activism can keep the buzz present. 

You can print car decals or bumper stickers and cover them with over-laminate sheets to make them waterproof. 

Vinyl Stickers for Spreading Awareness

World Blood Donor Day sticker by siberian_beard of Pixabay.
Support your cause by letting others know about it! Stickers for your cause can be applied on your everyday belongings or be spread to others by handing them out freely. No one can resist an aesthetically pleasing sticker that can also function as decoration. Make sure that the stickers includes a donation page for people to donate to. 

The possibilities are endless once you buy a stack of sticker printer papers and print stickers at home. Draw or download some free printables and go make some lifehacks!


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